Taking care of a dog

Taking care of a dog does not only include feeding and grooming but also preventive health care which is an important aspect, too.


Our puppies are vaccinated against parvovirosis for the first time at the age of six weeks. Parvovirosis is a diarrhoeic disease which in puppies may soon be fatal. It is also called infectious feline enteritis.
At the age of 8 weeks, our puppies are vaccinated using a 7-fold serum, i.e. against parvovirosis, distemper, hepatitis, kennel/viral cough and leptospirosis.
At the age of 12 weeks the puppy is vaccinated against rabies and the 7-fold shot is repeated.
With these shots, the required basic vaccination is thus complete.
This 8-fold vaccination against all these infectious diseases must be repeated once a year.
Since short, there is also a serum against borrelia infection available. This disease is transmitted by ticks.

 Today is vaccination day!
Hilfe!...eine Spritze!
   Get down immediately!

By regular vaccinations you and your dog will be free from many worries. Your Cairn will reward you for this - day by day, year by year. Your vet will inform you in detail on vaccinations.


Regular worming is as important as vaccinating. Our puppies are being wormed weekly from the first to the tenth week of life. It may happen despite greatest care that an „undertenant“ will also move into the new home. For this reason we recommend each person purchasing a dog from us to present his Cairn to the vet after about 10 days.
Cairn Bries Helena

Cairn Bries Helena

Cairn Bries Gladies

Cairn Bries Gladies

Have your Cairn puppies wormed once again. On this occasion the vet will also thoroughly examine your dog and can confirm that you have purchased a healthy Cairn optimally reared.


Apart from worms, there are also other plagues such as fleas and ticks. Fleas can transmit tapeworm! To have a flea is no shame but it’s a shame not to do anything against it. In this case, too, your vet can do something against it, he has got safe anti-flea and anti-tick agents.


Catflea / Dog flea

Development stages of the tick (larval stage, nymphal stage, adult male, adult male, adult female)

Feeding tips

Take the weight of your Cairn frequently. Minor sins can be remedied much more easily than large ones.
There is nothing as awful as an obese dog. You can be sure you will in this way shorten his life by years and there is nothing he can do against it!

Feed with moderation and not in large quantities!

  • Exclusively feed a premium food
  • Never feed at table
  • Puppies must receive 3 meals per day at a minimum
  • Starting with the seventh months 2 meals are sufficient
  • The adult Cairn should also be fed twice a day, we proceed like this
  • Make sure that your Cairn can eat without being disturbed
  • Remove anything left after 10 minutes
  • Do not feed bones, risk of constipation!

Cairn Bries Quentin
A super fellow,
thanks to balanced food and optimum care.
Cairn Bries Quentin


The Cairn actually does not need very much grooming, but he cannot do without any coat care. As a rule, combing with a metal comb and brushing with a natural hair brush once a week will do. Daily combing will result in a an open coat consisting of soft top coat without undercoat, which is very difficult to be plucked.
Plucking is done with the fingers only, i.e. using thumb and forefinger!

Cairn Bries
Cairn Bries
  Cairn Bries Uffi at the stylist’s

Cairn terrier puppies will be plucked for the first time at the age of approx. 16 weeks. Plucking the puppy hair will bring about a firm, dense hair structure.
You will only need scissors to cut the long hair at the genitals or any hair jutting out at paws and pads.


Two Cairn heads beautifully plucked (by hand!)

Cairn Bries Wenke II

Cairn Bries Wenke II

Cairn Bries Dream of Love

Ch. Cairn Bries Dream of Love

A Cairn should be plucked twice or three times a year depending on the coat quality.
We shall be glad to trim our dogs should you wish so. We shall teach it to you and later on you will be able to pluck your dog yourself.
If you intend to have your Cairn groomed at a groomer’s, please inform yourself beforehand whether they are able to hand trim.

Cairn Bries Orwel

Only in case of an extreme urgency it is necessary to bathe your Cairn with shampoo, often a shower with clear water is sufficient.
The Cairn has got a self-cleaning coat.

Cairn Bries Orwel
I am the most beautiful, aren’t I?

Summer time - travelling time

Do you intend to travel with your Cairn?
Please take note of the entry regulations varying from country to country. Your vet can give you information on this and he will also provide you with the necessary medicine to take along for your Cairn.


Cairn Bries wishes you to enjoy your holidays very much.

Cairn Bries

Cairn Bries

Cairn Bries

Cairn Bries

You are deserving it.

A last request!

Sometime your Cairn will be getting older.
The senses of hearing and seeing will weaken. The hair in the area of the foreface will turn grey. The digestion process of an older dog is slowing down, he will now need a premium calorie-reduced food. There are highly nutritious senior food types available in the market. All the specific nutrients exactly meet the requirements of older dogs.

Julchen 17 Jahre jung

Cairn Bries Jule, 17 Jahre jung

Percy 13 Jahre jung

Percy vom Haltersitz, 13 Jahre jung

Time will come to have to say good-bye.
It will not always happen that the old Cairn passes peacefully away in his habitual surrounding. More often than not he must be relieved by a veterinarian from the pains caused by an incurable disease.
Not to relieve an old dog from his pains due to human weekness, although he is suffering from an incurable disease and the vet had advised to do so, is a cruelty!
Accompany him on his last journey!
Take him in your arms so that he may be delivered from his suffering without fear. This is the only way in which you may thank him for his affection and faithfulness.

Cairn Bries

Cairn Terrier Pfoten

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